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Why 604 Initiative


We are called 604 Initiative because we serve minority and underprivileged youth within the 604 zip codes. Clever huh? Through mentoring, leadership development, character development, and community partnerships, we educate and inspire future leaders of tomorrow who reside in the Northern Will County Region. If your zip code starts with 604…we are here for you!

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen to, and a push in the right direction

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the 604 Initiative is to educate and inspire minority and underprivileged youth to become leaders of tomorrow and break down cultural barriers through character, social development, leadership development, mentorship, and community partnerships.

The 604 Initiative vision is to create future leaders in Northern Will County Region. We will create community partnerships and mentorship programs. Our goal is to transform and develop distinguished and humble young men and women. We will promote diversity and unity while embracing the many cultural, social, and economic differences that exist in today's society. 

Group of Friends

Our Vision

initial goals years 1-5

Mentoring and Personal Development - 

develop future leaders through formalized mentoring programs: The Distinguished Men of 604 for young men and the G.A.L. (Grown and Lead) Program for young women.


Community Partnerships and Community Service Projects - 

contribute to the preservation and development of our surrounding community by fostering unity and collaboration between like-minded organizations.


Career Training and Workforce Programming -

provide career development, experiential learning opportunities, and job training programs for students exploring career and transitioning into employment. 


Youth Sports Programs

Offer skills development and training for youth interested in sports and recreation.

Youth Basketball Game
Entering School Gate


Before and After School Programs and Tutoring

Provide academic support, tutoring, and educational resources for students in need.


Charitable Events

Coordinate events and annual fundraisers that raise awareness, promote, and support the vision of the 604 initiative.


Innovative outreach

Engage the community through innovative outreach efforts such as 604 Podcast, strategic social media marketing, and in-person outreach events. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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